Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Typo Silver Lining? was the day I was going to finally open my Holey Rollers Etsy shop.  I finally figured out how to photograph the necklaces so you can see the full necklace with bead spacing and a close up for color.  First, I found out that my jpeg images were too large.  That was easily fixed.  Then, I started to write the description only to realize I spelled "counsel" wrong on the tags.  "Counsel" not "councel"!  Arg...  New tags are now ordered, but it will be another week before they arrive.

I am trying hard to find the silver lining today.  I guess it is good that I caught it now instead of later.  Maybe the other silver lining is the Nine Fruits of the Spirit I just made with silver lined Czech glass beads.  Purple is always the most difficult color to photograph, but I think I did it.

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